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Call for Art

Issue 4

issue 4

physical: bodies in this world


How do bodies behave in the world?
What do they do, what is done with them and in which worlds? The media world, the "real" world?
In sport, in role models, in the perception of others and of oneself, while having sex. In the mirror, through filters, in mathematics, technology, medicine - what do bodies mean?
Let's talk about inclusion, trans bodies, gender, dissociation, bodies with disabilities, prostheses, sex dolls, pregnancy, violence, animals, distortion, body ideals and senses. About everything we and others do with what we define as physical.

We are looking for artwork of all kinds on this topic. Write, paint, dance, photograph – until 30th Nov 2022 and send us an email to submissions.turtlemagazin@gmail.com.
Please send a short vita of 3 to 4 sentences, your contact details and
a black and white photo in good quality.