You want to publish something just like that?

The magazine is best suited for this - everyone can send things in for this. The call for the 3rd edition is currently in progress.

 On the website we mainly publish contributions from collective members, but also occasionally one-off items, even if you don't want to be part of the collective - just send us an email. We also publish one-off posts on the blog. 

What do you want to send us?





  • Poems, short stories, dramas, literary thoughts

  • Critical Thoughts: Reviews and critiques of theater, opera, art, culture, books or films.

  • Essays, articles, columns or interviews of any kind that have something to do with art, culture or literature



Since we chose the name of our magazine for a reason, our editorial process takes time. Please be aware that we may also edit the content and make suggestions, and expect you to revise your contribution a second time. If you already know that you absolutely do not want this, please refrain from sending us your text.


Texts end up in the editorial selection process. If we decide that it suits us, we may send you an edited version with content and linguistic corrections and suggestions. You send this back to us and we will review your changes in a second editing process. If everything fits, we will send you the final article as well as a publication agreement, which will then be signed and returned to us.

  • Word file

  • Serif font, 1.5 line spacing; Font size 12

  • 3000 words maximum

  • if applicable, references to sources



  • Photographs / photo series

  • Pictures, drawings, paintings

  • Videos / short films / animations

  • digital art
    Your works of art can also be submitted as a supplement to your own or already published texts.



Your work of art will also go through the editorial selection process here. We'll send you a publication agreement for the works of art that we take. It is then signed and sent back to us.


In addition, we may arrange your visual art with texts in collages or ask you to write a small text about your art.

  • .jpg / .pdf file

  • Dimensions, working method and title

  • Resolution at least 300 dpi


All submissions to



Send three to four sentences of your short biography and a photo if you want the world to know who the artist is!


We look forward to your work of art!

Become a turtle
collective member

Send us an email!

  • Introduce yourself and your artistic work!

  • Tell us why you would like to be part of the collective, what you would like to publish and where you would like to be involved. You should already be planning to publish with us several times and want to get into exchange with others.

  • Tell us how much time you have in general (how often you publish, how much time you put into the turtle etc. is completely up to you - if you want to organise a workshop or participate in the issue, you commit to deadlines though).

  • Link your social media accounts and websites if you already have some.

  • Add some art if you already have something you want to publish.


Give us a little time to see if you're a good fit - we'll get back to you.