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Hier findet ihr alle bisher erschienen Ausgaben unseres Magazins.


Issue 4


what is physical How does the physical relate to the world? Our spring issue is about the things we don't see - in history, in the present, in the world and in our immediate surroundings.


Issue 3



Diverse, forgotten, hidden – we're looking away and people become invisible. How can art reveal, unveil, dig out and open our eyes? How can we make things visible through our art? Our upcoming spring issue is about how much we do not see – in history, in the present, in the world and within our environment.

Send us your art and be part of an issue that wants to make the invisible visible again.

We are open to any form of textual and visual art. Send your artworks to by 12 February 2022.


Issue 2 

Very close

individuals X society

What can art do? It has long been known that it can do more than mirror.  Art brings us closer to everything around us, who others are and who we are. It's easy for us to distance ourselves – maybe too easily? The mass of people is gray – undefined.  In cultural, linguistic, political, legal, moral and historical solitude, we want to get closer again – to others and to ourselves._cc781905-5cde-3194-bb3b- 136bad5cf58d_ Art should be our magnifying glass that cuts open the body of loneliness and bleeds it dry - and finally brings us very close together again.

Issue 1

About Writing

A collection

We spoke to four contemporary Irish writers - about writing. Read what they inspired us to do. 

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