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What are we doing here?

We want to make art a social practice and a shared, creative process - with people who create art and people who like art.

The turtle magazin(e) is a bilingual, interdisciplinary art, culture and literature platform for young artists who want to go beyond national borders and the borders of individual art forms.

We want to create opportunities online and in real life for young artists: to get to know each other, to share their art and to be noticed from the outside.

We organise collaborations on our website, publish issues every six months and organise events and workshops.

Rows of Pillars


How is the turtle constructed?


turtle magazin(e)

In addition to our displayed contributions, we publish regular issues about specific topics. 

The turtle blog features members of the collective, interviews with the art, media and publishing industries, and reports on the latest events.

are being organised by our collective. Participation is based on donation.

In the turtle shop, turtle magazine(s) sells merch (t-shirts with turtle logo as well as embroidery), art prints, the latest issue and postcards. 100% of the proceeds go to the project.

turtle workshops

turtle blog

turtle shop

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