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About a place. Wandering off with inspiration - Poetry to go.

Inspiration contribution by Florian Kappelsberger

Under this blog category artists share their sources of inspiration. Fleeting sights that left an impression that stuck with them. Ideas that are made to be shared and thought on. Impulses for inspiration.

As an artist, Flo is part of the turtle collective. At the moment he is doing an internship in Vienna and has the opportunity to immerse himself in the cultural life there.

As a writer, he is always looking for stories and for forms to tell them.

About a place where he has found it -

"Towards the end of the exhibition at the Vienna Literature Museum, a special highlight awaits: a black wall with a total of twenty white blocks, neatly arranged. On them are poems by a wide variety of authors, from Ingeborg Bachmann and Paul Celan to Ilse Aichinger and H. C. Artmann. Like a calendar, they can be easily torn off and taken with you - high culture on the go, poetry to go.

It is the conclusion of a great exhibition that leads through Austrian literature on two floors, from the Enlightenment to the present. With the help of letters, photos, manuscripts and soundtracks, this is made vivid and tangible for everyone.

Right next to the wall is a similar arrangement of colorful blocks. Here, too, a selection of well-known (or less well-known) texts awaits - this time combined with the invitation to creatively expand or continue them on the sheet itself.

Thus, the tear-off poems are part of a living memory site that not only lets you discover the country's diverse literature, but also inspires you to keep writing.''

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