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After the Release Event

Went smoothly, with overlength and almost not enough space for more than 130 people. Snowfall outside, excited heat inside - the turtle magazin(e) presents the new edition "physical: forms in the world" as part of workshops, an interactive reading and music at the Monacensia Hildebrandhaus.

Workshops somewhere between meditation and collages

Arnis Aleinikovas reflected between music, dance, meditation and touch on her own individual body in the workshop SOMA on a grey Munich morning.

In the afternoon, Jasmine Schmauder and Verena Kandlercreated text-image collages with the participants in the #nofilter workshop and reflected on the self-image and the image of our bodies by collaging people with and without experience in art and writing of all ages. And somehow this has always been my dream - to see people creating together like this.

Interactive reading with talks

After an extensive trigger warning about the many dark themes of the new edition, we had four blocks and breaks for conversation in between each, where the audience could talk about the texts and artworks with the performers and among themselves. Or even just drink a beer. Sofie Morin cut of a strain of hair and spoke with Stephanie Mehnert in a gentle dialogue about being a woman.

Du fügst gekonnt Flammen an meine Glaubenssätze, entzündest mein Haar, flüsterst in mein Ohr: „Wenn alle Abenteuer gelebt sind, dann bleibt uns noch das Frausein.“

- Sofie Morin

You skilfully add flames to my beliefs, igniting my hair, whispering in my ear, "When all adventures are lived, being a woman is what's left."

-Sofie Morin (Translation: Lara Wüster)

Anna Job, , with turtle magazine(e) since the beginning and soon to be part of the team, confronted the issue of anorexia in her lyrical text "Magerparty" - painfully direct and tangible, with her typically strong, tactile images and few words that resonate with you long after the reading:

Ich bleib hängen. Du schenkst ein. Du ziehst den Bauch vorm Spiegel ein. Also du blähst den Brustkorb auf, denn da ist kein Bauch. Aber du bekommst Haut zwischen deine Finger und sagst: Das muss noch weg.

- Anna Job

I'm stuck. You pour. You suck in your stomach in front of the mirror. You inflate your chest, because there is no stomach. But you get some skin between your fingers and say: that still has to go.

- Anna Job

by Nanna Doll

The turtle magazine(e) is not just about prose or lyrical text, but combines all forms and colours of art and craft:

Nanna Doll asks the question why we should still wear jewellery in the future and what it should look like. For this, she presents an essay on Administration of Touch, which is supposed to solve the touch crisis of the 21st century and the digital world: jewellery adapted to the body.

I could continue the list of fantastic contributions here indefinitely. Also present on the evening with their fantastic artworks were Ellinor Amini, Heike Bogenberger, Sophie Stroux, Leonie Winter, Sabrina Busch, Eva Pabst, Marleen Übler, Lara Wüster, Patrick Poti, Florian Kappelsberger, Sabrina Laue, Katja Rohringer, Jack Verschoyle and Arnis Aleinikovas. There are many more in the magazine itself.

After Party at Café Mona

Arnis presented at Café Mona Perpetual Motion and Emergency Exit . He also provided great music afterwards, to which we could all finally shake a leg after a long day of organisation, coordination and excitement.

What remains of all this?

Exhibition at the Monacensia

In Café Mona you can also admire a small exhibition of art by Ellinor Amini and Heike Bogenberger, and in the corner you can listen to a sound installation with the visual and lyrical contributions of the magazine.


A big thank you to the whole turtle team and all the appendages who helped organise the day. A big thank you to the Monacensia team, especially Rebecca Faber and Sabine for their great support in planning and running the event.

When we got the writing resi at the Monacensia, I don't think any of us really understood what it meant. The release event was a smash hit and we still can't quite believe that we sold all the magazines we had on site. We have to talk about a second edition. Crazy, isn't it? A big thank you to the Monacensia and the C.H. Beck Stiftung, for making this possible with the #SchreibResi.

PS: There will be a gallery with photos from the event, which is currently in progress.

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