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Last Friday, the 23rd July 2021, we were invited by the Funzel to participate in their release party. The Funzel is a philosophical magazine run by students of the LMU and Katholische Akademie. Every year they celebrate the launch of their new issue in the beautiful garden of the Schloss Suresnes. It was a picturesque summer evening and everyone was in a good mood. Unfortunately, Lara couldn’t be there, but Jasmine very kindly joined us for both the workshop and our reading.

The WORKSHOP: The idea of the workshop was also inspired by our open call for our next issue about the topic “SO CLOSE: individuals x society”. As we weren’t in a museum like last time, we prepared a bunch of stuff as inspirational input, such as photos from our website, wrapping paper, pictures or different words. We picked things that we thought would be interesting to think about in the context of the topic of our call. The idea of the workshop was to use some of the object as inspiration and write freely whatever comes to mind. We had three rounds with different tasks: In the first one people were asked to simply choose one object and describe it. In the second round they had to choose another object and connect it with emotions. In the last round we asked everyone to go back to their first object but this time think about it in a more abstract way. Afterwards we read our texts in small groups. It was amazing to see how different the texts turned out to be – some people wrote poetry, some prose, some a bunch of words, others whole pages. We really enjoyed watching and participating in the creative flow people were in and loved what everyone produced. Reading your own thoughts out to people always takes courage – but everyone seemed to be glad to be able to share their texts as well as their experience with the others.

After the buffet had been opened and people were enjoying their food, we – that is Jasmine, Leonie and Sabrina – did our READING, framed and accompanied by soft music and electronic sounds by turtle artist Dennis Reis. We read texts from our website as well as own works that had not yet been published. It was an amazing experience to share our texts with the audience and enjoy the atmosphere the texts, the music, the whole scene created.

After our reading the party really turned into a party! Rapper Emil Kafitz (@emilk.ohne.leerzeichen) did a great performance, as well as the DJ that took over after and that had been supporting us during our reading. Thank you for a wonderful evening!

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