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Our Team

Read more about us and what we do.


Lara C. Wüster

Founder & Editor in Chief

I'm Lara - the creative head of the turtle. I'm coordinating, editing, posting controversial book reviews on social media, as well shooting, writing and illustrating content. 

I'm currently somewhere in between literary theory, philosophy and politics in my studies - with the end goal of connecting them all on this platform.


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Sabrina Laue

Social Media & Editing Assistant

Hola, I'm Sabrina, editor at the turtle magazin (e).

I also take care of our social media.


Art thrives because of discussion, exchange and connections. In the turtle we want to bring artists together and enable a network.


Leonie Winter

Social Media & Project Management

Hey, I am the newest member of the Turtle group. I am responsible for social media and editing. Also I am currently working on new, expanding things for our website, so please stay tuned. 

I’ve got a literature and publishing background and I’d like the turtle to not only be a room for artists and poets, but also for inspiration, critical, reflecting thoughts of our readers.


Pia Stautner

Newsletter & sales assistent

When I'm not thinking about the meaning of life, I listen to far too much music and am very enthusiastic about sociology. Sometimes I have to pause during conversations with people, because I suddenly realize how inspiring the exchange with others can be or about being human in itself.

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